About Us Executive

KLT brings together people with the background and
experience in LED technologies to create a brighter world.


LEE Dongwoo

Founder of Korea Ligthing Inc.
Jang Young-sil Award received, and new technology developed
RF developer in a business partner of Hyundai Motors Company and Kia Motors
18 years of experience in electronic technology

KLT people

Management Consultant

Hyun Chang-ik

Doctor of Management Engineering, Konkuk University
Completed MBA from Sogang University Business School
33 years of work at the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
Currently in charge of consulting at the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund Corporate Management Support Office

Outside director

Aaron Kwon

CEO of Summit International Capital
Global Liquidity & Risk Management Group, Merrill Lynch
COO, EVP Samsung Securities


Yale Sheen

12 years of experience in
cross-border finance, operations
and business development.
Joined BK LITEC in 2015 &
based in L.A.
INSEAD, MBA (France/Singapore)