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BK Technology, Jang Young-sil Award

BK Technology (CEO: Lee Dong-woo), a company with original LED semiconductor technology and
the birth of the 'vitamin' lighting brand, 'cut-off modular LED lamp'
won the IR52 Jang Young-sil Award for the 41st week of 2021.
BK Technology's new concept cut-off modular LED lamp uses the lead frame of the LED chip (package)
to integrate the PCB and heat sink, thereby reducing the manufacturing process by more than 50% and
reducing parts and materials that were relied only on classes by 80%. referred to as 'technology'.
In particular, when replacing high-output lighting used in public lighting such as streetlights,
security lights, park lights, and tunnel lights with LED, only the LED lamp needs to be replaced
without removing the existing lighting fixtures, so you can fully enjoy the effect of replacing LED lights
with only maintenance costs.