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[Electrictimes] 'BK Technology, a vitamin in the lighting industry, changed its name to 'KOREA Lighting''


BK Technology, a vitamin LED manufacturing company, changed its trade name to KOREA Lighting (CEO Lee Dong-woo) last month.

KOREA Lighting recently announced that it plans to participate in ▲ 2022 Nara Market Expo ▲ 2022 Electric Industry Expo ▲
2022 Vietnam Expo Remote Exhibition ▲ 2022 International Electric Power Exhibition and participate in promotional activities.

Hankook Lighting is a company with a differentiated technology that integrates LED chips,
circuit boards, and heat sinks into one using heat sink lead frames. This technology has been recognized
for its excellence by winning NET New Technology Certification, NEP New Product Certification,
Procurement Excellent Product, Green Technology, Public Procurement Service innovative product twice, and Jang Young-sil Award twice.

Demand for vitamin cut-off LED lamps made based on special technology is rapidly increasing,
especially from local governments, at a lower price than the price of conventional light bulbs and ballasts.

Suwon City, Hwaseong City, Incheon, and Daegu, as well as nationwide, are meeting the demand
to replace various lights such as streetlights, tunnel lights, and security lights with LED lights at a low cost without replacing lighting fixtures.

This is attracting attention as a solution that drastically reduces the initial introduction cost,
which was the biggest problem in replacing non-LED lighting with LED lighting, and installs LED lighting with only maintenance costs.

In addition, Hankook Lighting developed a keyboard sterilization VITAMIN LED Lamp based on special semiconductor technology.
The VITAMIN LED Lamp uses LED sterilization lighting that can be used for 34 years when used 8 hours a day based on its own heat dissipation technology.

VITAMIN LED Lamp is a product selected as an innovative product by the Public Procurement Service in
recognition of its technology and product quality. It is being used.

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