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[Electrictimes] (Procurement innovation wind) KOREA Lighting, 'VITAMIN LED', suitable for skin beauty beyond urban beauty


| LED beauty device 'Popular' at ASD Market Week in Las Vegas
| Changed company name from BK Technology to ‘KOREA Lighting’

"From February to March, KOREA Lighting's LED beauty devices were very popular at the Consumer Goods Exhibition held in Las Vegas, USA.
All samples of the beauty devices brought were sold to buyers at the exhibition, and full-fledged exports are expected from the second half of the year. ."

Lee Dong-woo, CEO of KOREA Lighting, announced that he had achieved remarkable results by
participating in the 2022 Spring Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (ASD Market Week) held in Las Vegas, USA from February 27 to March 2.
It is explained that the reaction of overseas buyers who experienced the effect of KOREA lighting beauty devices with their own eyes at this event was explosive.

KOREA Lighting, which changed its name from BK Technology in March, is a company that has made its name known by
developing VITAMIN LED lamps that change non-LED outdoor lights into LED outdoor lights at an affordable price and simple replacement.

LED lamps are superior in energy efficiency and aesthetics to non-LED lighting such as CDM and metal halide,
so local governments across the country are looking for VITAMIN LED lamps to replace non-LED lighting with LED lamps.
In fact, KOREA Lighting’s unique LED package technology used in VITAMIN LED lamps was also used in this new product.
The overall efficiency and lifespan of an LED module is determined by its heat dissipation function, and KOREA Lighting
has solved the heat dissipation problem with its own innovative LED package technology.

"The starting point of this beauty device was the 'VITAMIN LED Lamp', a sterilization light.
The VITAMIN LED Lamp was launched to sterilize the keyboard, which is often used in daily life and difficult to maintain hygiene.
After its launch last year, it was selected as an innovative procurement product and was selected as an innovative procurement product.
It is gaining popularity in various public areas, such as the Ministry of Finance, the Forest Service,
the Human Resources Development Institute, the police station, and the National Tax Service."

The VITAMIN LED Lamp can remove viruses and bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli,
and respiratory syncytial virus, and is a product that can remove 99% of coronavirus even when irradiated for 3 hours.
In particular, since sterilization is performed using visible light, it has the advantage of being harmless to the human body.

“KOREA Lighting’s VITAMIN LED lamps are rapidly spreading in local governments across the country.
By replacing non-LED outdoor lights with LEDs, we are improving the aesthetics of the city brighter and more beautiful.
After launching beauty devices in the US market in the first half of the year, The product will also be released in.
KOREA Lighting is expected to become a company that helps not only urban aesthetics but also skin care.”

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