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[Aving news] KOREA Lighting unveils sterilization VITAMIN LED Lamp based on its own heat dissipation technology at the 2022 International Electric Power Exhibition


KOREA Lighting Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Dong-woo) will participate in the
'2022 International Electric Power Exhibition' held at COEX, Seoul for three days from May 18 (Wed) to 20 (Fri).

Hankook Lighting (formerly BK Technology) was established in 2010 and possesses LED semiconductor source technology.
HS Frame, the proprietary technology, does not use the circuit board (PCB) and heat sink, which are the core of LED design,
It is a new type of LED module that realizes heat dissipation more than 10 times faster and maintains
a long lifespan of more than 100,000 hours at a temperature more than 30% lower.
This technology has received numerous technology certifications and government awards,
such as NEP new product certification, NET new technology certification, Jang Young-sil Award green technology certification,
Public Procurement Service excellent product certification, and Public Procurement Service innovative product certification.

An official from KOREA Lighting said, “We are an organization with an enterprising mind
that can always make new challenges and impossible possibilities possible by breaking away from the existing formal frame.
An American venture company with horizontal dialogue between management and executives and employees,
not a vertical command structure. We have created an environment where employees can demonstrate their individual abilities in autonomy.”

The cut-off type LED lamps exhibited at this exhibition use existing facilities as they are and upgrade the light source.
It is a maintenance-type LED lamp that saves up to 90% of the budget and at the same time provides long life,
energy savings, and improved illumination.
In addition, by minimizing light loss on the reflector, it provides a higher amount of light with 40% lower output than normal LED lamps.

It is characterized by upgrading various lighting such as streetlights, tunnel lights, and security lights to LED lighting without replacing lighting fixtures.
Officials explain that it is a new product that reduces initial introduction costs and installs LED lighting only with maintenance costs.

The sterilization VITAMIN LED Lamp to be introduced together provides sterilization and
antiviral functions with harmless visible light wavelengths.
It is mainly used for keyboards and mice and can be used in multi-use facilities where sterilization and antivirus are required.
Based on its own heat dissipation technology, it can be used for 34 years when used 8 hours a day.
It has been selected as an innovative product by the Public Procurement Service, and is used for constant quarantine in
public areas such as the Personnel Innovation Office, the Forest Service, the Human Resources Development Institute,
the National Tax Service, and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

An official said, "We changed the company name to KOREA Lighting to respond to the post-COVID-19 era with a new solution for the LED lighting industry."
“We developed a sterilization and skin care LED light that operates with a USB-C port and launched it simultaneously in domestic and overseas markets.
In addition, more diverse models will be released due to the high response of keyboard sterilization products.
We will promote product and service advancement in the future to become a representative lighting company in Korea.”

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