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SWEET 2022 Exhibition

KOREA Lighting has left behind promotional activities that have been stagnant due to the corona.
Participate in all relevant exhibitions with a very active promotion strategy
We are actively promoting promotional activities.

The exhibition participating this time is SWEET (Solar, Wind * Earth Energy Trad fair).
Hosted by Gwangju Metropolitan City and with special sponsorship from KEPCO and power generation subsidiaries
A large number of companies related to solar power, wind power, transmission and distribution, and energy will attend.

​VITAMIN LED lamp, an energy saving technology of KOREA Lighting, cannot be missed in this event!
There is a lot of talk these days about the rise in electricity rates.
To put it simply, KEPCO is producing for about 200 won and selling it for about 100 won, so KEPCO's cumulative deficit is significant.

KOREA Lighting's ​VITAMIN LED is a product that must be used unconditionally for the public at the same time every day.
We are trying to play an important role in reducing public energy such as streetlights, security lights, tunnel lights, and park lights.

From July 6th to 8th, 2022, KOREA Lighting will participate in the Kimdaejung Convention Center. Thank you for your interest and participation in the exhibition!