Technical Application Fields

The competitiveness of technology
comes from the difference in durability of the finished products.

It provides current in a mechanically detachable structure without soldering and produces high durability and product performance with a structure of heat dissipation. This technology creates a completely differentiated line of products.

Structural strength

Supplying heat and current without going through soldering

Vitamin Lamps

high power LED lamps for substituting HID lamps
Street lights, security lights, park lights, floodlights, lights for high ceilings, etc.
External converter type (reduced maintenance costs)
Substitutes for E39 / 40 base bulbs

Vitamin Engine

LED engine for substituting CDM HID lamps
Upgrade existing lighting fixtures to LED lighting fixtures.
Possible to connect multiple lamps
which include a street light, a security light, a tunnel light, etc. with less than 200W (75W+75W+75W+75W = 300W)

The competitiveness of technology
comes from convergence in various fields.

BK Technology’s technology produces lower temperature with faster heat dissipation and creates space and new values with greater thinness. Even in the market for special lighting lamps where it was difficult to merge existing technology, BK Technology’s technology allows you to create different kinds of competitiveness.

Plant grower

The structural features of our technology provide higher durability and greater product performance.
Vitamin lamps and vitamin engine products can be used as plant growers.
Possible to manufacture plant growers in a joker module, or other various forms under OEM arrangements.
Full spectrum wavelength, DR+DB (PGRB) wavelength, customizable


The structural features of our technology provide higher durability and reliability.
Customizing project
Possible to provide light source under ODM and OEM arrangements.

Automotive LED, TV LED

Providing higher power and higher durability in confined spaces
Providing the effect of reducing the weight of the heat sink by one-half
Technology applied to headlights and BLU modules
B2B ODM arrangements available

LED lights for skin care

Healthcare lighting products
Providing interior lights as light source for skin care
Taking care of health of eyes and skin at the same time
Providing light source under ODM and OEM arrangements